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Quickly turn YouTube's automatic captions into accurate and professional captions for your YouTube videos.

Paste a URL or the 11-character ID for your targeted YouTube video and get started!    

What are automatic captions?

Automatic captions are machine transcriptions of the words heard in a YouTube video performed by Google software. While those transcriptions are almost never perfect, more and more, the accuracy seems to be improving. When it comes to transcribing videos for the purpose of making subtitles, automatic captions can mean fewer words that have to be typed by humans.


Volunteers are currently using to create clean captions for videos hosted on the web site. To volunteer to help, provide your contact information using the signup form at the bottom of this page.

We're also building captions for YouTube videos from the Saint Louis Zoo. To volunteer for this project, email me at miketangoromeo ĀȚ

About DIYCaptions' Automatic Captions Clean up Editor

Over the past year, I've been working on an app which assists in the creation of captions for YouTube videos. This app is intended to make it easy to access the automatic captions that YouTube creates for videos and to manually correct any transcription errors so that the text can be used to create more professional-looking captions. For videos where the accuracy of the automatic captions is high, using automatic captions can significantly reduce the amount of time that it takes to type a transcript of a video's spoken content.

Demonstration of DIYCaptions' Automatic Captions Editor

About DIYCaptions' Transcription Pad for YouTube Videos

If you don't need to import automatic captions, or if automatic captions aren't available for your video, and you're just looking for a simple interface for transcribing content or taking notes in a web page that's integrated with a YouTube player, I've built a second editor with a similar look and feel that allows you to do free-form text editing (similar to Window's Notepad) but with the ability to start, stop, and rewind the video while you're typing.

To open the Transcription Pad, paste a URL or the 11-character ID for your targeted YouTube video, then click "Submit."    

Demonstration of DIYCaptions Transcription Pad

I'd be happy to receive any feedback that you have regarding my editors. Thanks for giving us a try.

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Also, a friend of mine, Michael Lockrey, has developed an integrated automatic captions editor for producing professional captions for YouTube videos. Michael, who lives in Australia, is profoundly deaf and profoundly frustrated at the general lack of deaf-accessible videos on the Internet. Sadly, it is true that if you are wholly reliant on nothing but YouTube's automatic captions alone to understand what is being said in a video, those automatic captions are going to be virtually useless to you – hence the name of his website, Give it a try.

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